American-Thai Foundation of History


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        With support from Baylor University’s president and Peace Corps Volunteers, Dr. Nirund Jivasantikarn succeeded in establishing three foundations, including American-Thai Foundation for Education, American-Thai Christian Foundation, and American-Thai Educational Development Foundation. These foundations, along with Yonok Foundation, worked closely to actualize Dr. Nirund Jivasantikarn’s conception of educational development in Lampang, marking the birth of Yonok University. These three foundations later merged into American-Thai Foundation, which continues to collaborate with its sister foundation, our Yonok Foundation, in order to support education and community development in Northern Thailand.

        In 2011, American-Thai Foundation and Yonok Foundation have launched the new initiative, Teach Thailand Corps, to empower Thai students with English proficiency by placing passionate and skilled American teachers in underserved schools throughout the country.