Yonok University has succeeded in establishing strong educational foundation for the region with several approaches, including both supporting existing projects and implementing new ideas. The following are our notable achievements:

  1.     Establishing Yonok University

  2.     Creating scholarship programs for students of Yonok University and   other universities

  3.     Supporting professors and staff members developing programs in Yonok University

  4.     Providing opportunities for students, professors, and staff members of Yonok University and other universities to pursue further education in the US

  5.     Placing professors from the US in Yonok University and other universities

  6.     Creating exchange programs for students and professors of Yonok University and partner universities in the US

  7.     Promoting relationship between Thai and US private and public organizations

  8.     Promoting activities for elderly people

  9.     Promoting community development projects, including projects in the rural area

Moreover, Yonok University has also facilitated activities and projects requested by the community, including encouraging students and community members to read and raising awareness for environmental problems.