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Yonok University is a comprehensive, private four year institution of higher learning located in the beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand overlooking Lampang, the second largest city in the North. It was founded in 1988 by the current president Dr. Nirund Jivasantikarn, a native of Lampang. 

He became interested and concerned with establishing a University in his home province while pursuing his doctoral degree at Baylor University (Waco, Texas). In 1980, a proposal for building a new university was presented to the people in Thailand and in America, and it was widely accepted. Soon thereafter, support was received from Baylor University, USAID, and private individuals who founded the American-Thai Foundation for Education, the American-Thai Christian Foundation, and the American-Thai Education Development Foundation. Finally, funding was received in a series of grants from ASHA (American Schools and Hospitals Abroad). The project was lead by Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi, who took responsibility for bringing the project to completion.

The expertise of Plan Architect Co., Ltd. produced a design which won a gold medal award from the prestigious Siam Architectural Association. In 1988 Yonok University opened its doors and welcomed students into the School of Business Administration as the first class to study under the motto "Wisdom enriches life". And, most importantly, at this time the school benefited from the gracious presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who presided over the opening ceremony.

Yonok's continuing success is a result of its unique vision for Thai education. In a nation where most of the leading universities are large public institutions, Yonok follows another path. It intends to remain small and personal, adding programs and facilities only where it can excel and maintain the intimacy of a small private University. Yonok is committed to providing its students with a quality education that will produce competent, ethical graduates who will play a vital role in the development of their country while staying attuned to the needs of the local community. These goals are combined with a learning environment that promotes global integration and cultural understanding. 

Yonok enrolls its students from over sixty different provinces throughout Thailand, with the majority coming from the northern region. Yonok retains a full-time teaching and research faculty for as student for a student-teacher ratio of 20:1. 
The University offers nine majors at the undergraduate level. They are : Accounting, Economics, Management, Marketing and Computers in the Chumpol School of Business; Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations in the School for Communication Arts; and English, Organizational Psychology in and Tourism studies the School of Social Science and Humanities. In addition Yonok offers a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration in English, Masters of Business Administration, law in the school of laws, computer science and computer information system in the school of science and Technology, school of ifne and Applied Arts, bachelor of fine arts program in product design. Apart from these programs the University also provides various community-oriented continuing education programs .  

Many graduates of Yonok University return to serve in their hometowns to assist in decentralizing employment opportunities and wealth from metropolitan areas and they also stimulate the educational, economic and social development of rural provinces. Others choose to utilize their business acumen in Bangkok and other metropolitan centers, while still others pursue opportunities to further their education both domestically and abroad. 

Yonok University has endeavored to develop a variety of international academic exchanges. It currently maintains strong relationships with Baylor University, Stanford University, Texas Wesleyan University, Dallas Baptist University and Babson University in the USA; Shantou University, Guangzhou University, and Yunnan Institute of the Nationalities in the People's Republic of China; and Okinawa International University in Japan. Every year Yonok University invites professors from other Universitys to teach classes and give lectures while sending its own faculty abroad to promote Thai education, values and culture, and to learn from other universities and cultures in our ever-expanding global village. To date Yonok has hosted visiting professors or students from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, England, Japan, Myanmar and the United States. This is in addition to many special friends and dignitaries who visit the campus throughout each year.

Yonok University houses the Yonok Research Institute and the Yonok Arts and Culture Institute. The institutes took their names from the ancient 
Yonok Kingdom, and they aspire to assess the present condition and future role of both traditional and modern elements in Thai society. The institutes hope to perpetuate what is best and most useful in the unique Northern Thai culture and to assess and project the impact of modern technology, seminars, conferences workshops, training, campus for government officials, public servants, students and the community . 

Yonok University intends to utilize all of its resources, people, materials and facilities in order to attain the highest goals. Throughout the year there are projects underway that contribute to the progress and development for the greater good of society. Since Yonok University was started in 1988, Yonok has vaulted itself to a place of leadership in Thai education. Yonok University - " WISDOM ENRICHES LIFE "




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